Conference Program

The conference had over a hundred papers and events to consider. We have had offers of presentation from Australia, Austria, Germany, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, the US and the UK . Click here to download a pdf of this program.

9:30–10:30 Meredith Burgmann
NSW Legislative Council, Opening address
Labour history and the labour movement
10:30–11:00 MORNING TEA
11:00–1:00 Stream 1 – Arbitration
Bob Gould
History repeats itself, Bruce and Howard compared: John Howard's attempts to repeat the industrial relations changes of Melvin Stanley Bruce and how the labour movement may well be able to repeat the successful defence of useful industrial relations systems
Mark Hearn
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
Justice Higgins and his witnesses
Michael Lyons
School of Management , University of Western Sydney
Shopping around: Extended retail trading hours and the Retail Trade Industrial Tribunal in New South Wales in the 1980s
Geoff Robinson
Arts, Deakin University
Labourism in action: Jack Baddeley, the Trade Union Secretaries' Association and the New South Wales Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Bill 1931
Stream 2 – Practicing Labour History
Simon Booth & Verity Burgmann
Political Science, University of Melbourne
Stuart Macintyre
History, University of Melbourne
Andrew Milner & Matthew Ryan
Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Monash University
Vanguards and avant-gardes: The “Reason in Revolt” online project on political and cultural radicalism

Nick Dyrenfurth
School of Historical Studies
Monash University
Class, language and Labor tradition: Towards the synthesis of discourse and experience
D. Frank, G. Kealey & L. Kealey
University of New Brunswick
N. Lang Université de Moncton
R. Leger
Canadian Union of Public Employees
N. Ouellet Université de Moncton
W. Parenteau University of New Brunswick Canada.
Re-connecting with the history of labour in New Brunswick: Historical perspectives on contemporary Issues
Winfried R. Garscha
Internationale Tagung der Historiker der Arbeiterbewegung (ITH), Austria
Networking labour studies: The ITH experience (1965–2005)
Stream 3 – Lives of Labour
Deborah Jordan
Australian Studies Centre, University of Queensland
Léontine Cooper to Rose Scott, the Queensland suffrage movement
John Kellett
Economics, University of New England
Annie Lane, 'Lucinda Sharpe', first wave feminism and utopian socialism
Harry Knowles
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The  University of Sydney
Leadership in trade unions. How history and biography can help
Lucy Taksa
School of Organisation and Management, University of New South Wales, Australia.
“Beacon of Unity”?: J. S. T. McGowen, Premier of NSW, 1910-1913.
1:00–2:00 LUNCH
2:00–3:30 Stream 1 – Mutuality and Co-operation Group 1
Nikola Balnave
Employment Relations, School of Management,
University of Western Sydney
Greg Patmore
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
Rochdale consumer co-operatives and Australian labour history

Leanne Cutcher
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
How sustainable is mutuality? The case of two Australian credit unions
Maxine Darnell
Economics, University of New England
"Freehold property for mechanics”: A brief insight into Starr-Bowkett societies
Stream 2 – Nineteenth Century Labour
Bradley Bowden
Management, School of Business, Griffith University
A world dominated by youth: Child and youth labour in Queensland, 1885–1900

Robert Walshe
The many gains that have flowed from Eureka
Michael Wright
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
“Angry Ddisputings”- violence, strikes and demarcation: Relations between paid and unpaid firefighters in Sydney prior to 1884
Stream 3 – Race and Work
Jim Hagan
Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies, and Andrew Wells, Arts, University of Wollongong
The British and rubber in Malaya, c 1890–1940
Paul Jones
History, University of Melbourne
"A consequent gain in the tempo of effort”: Chinese labour and Chinese industrial activism in Australia, 1941–45
James Wolfinger
History and Education, DePaul University, USA
" Liberty . . . that's a lot of bunk!”: The meaning of the 1944 philadelphia transit strike to Black Philadelphia

4:00–5:00 Stream 1 – Locating Labour Women’s Activism

Cathy Brigden
Management, RMIT University
Missing women: An historical examination of female activism in the Melbourne Trades Hall, 1880–1920

Rosemary Webb
School of Social Sciences, Southern Cross University
“You could go to the Trades Hall and meet organisers”: Labour precincts and labour women in interwar Sydney
Stream 2 – Mutuality and Co-operation Group 2
Bob James
Mateship – its secret world: Re-visiting the Australian identity
Tony Laffan
Co-operatives and the Newcastle Labour Movement 1860–1940
Stream 3 – Actors
K. Kevyne Baar
Saybrook Graduate School and Research Centre, USA
Actors' Equity Association, the McCarthy era blacklist, and managing the common good

Genevieve Picot
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
Equity Foundation, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

6.00 onwards Trivia Night/Dinner. Hosted by Sydney Branch of ASSLH, with Senator John Faulkner as mc.

9:30–10:30 Marcel van der Linden
International Institute of Social History, Netherlands, Plenary address
Labour history. An international movement
10:30–11:00 MORNING TEA, BOOK LAUNCH (A Turbulent Decade: Social Protest Movements and the Labour Movement, 1965-1975; eds. Beverley Symons & Rowan Cahill)
11:00–1:00 Stream 1 – Communism
Christine de Matos
Humanities, University of Western Sydney
From the “People's War” to the “People's Occupation”: Australian and Japanese Communists, 1945–1952
Phillip Deery & Doug Jordan
School of Social Sciences, Victoria University
Fellow-travelling in the Cold War: The Australian Peace Movement
Bobbie Oliver
Social Sciences, Curtin University of Technology
Shades of the Cold War: The role of Communist workers at the Midland Railway Workshops
Kerry Taylor
History, Philosophy and Politics, Massey University, New Zealand
The making of a New Zealand communism? The rise and fall of the Workers' Communist League
Stream 2 – Indigenous Labour
Michael Bennett
A long time working – Aboriginal labour on the Coolangatta Estate, 1822–1901
Julia Martinez
Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies, University of Wollongong
When wages were clothes: Dressing down Aboriginal workers in the Northern Territory
Jeannie Rea
Communication, Culture and Languages, Victoria University
The ACTU and the struggles of Indigenous Australians
Sue Taffe
Historical Studies, Monash University
The WWF and the Aboriginal Rights movement of the 1960s: A North Queensland case study
Stream 3 – Documentary Films
1:00–2:00 LUNCH
2:00–3:30 Stream 1 – Managing Labour
Ruth Barton
School of Management , University of Tasmania
Communal life, common interests and healthy conditions': Industrial welfarism at Electrolytic Zinc, Hobart 1918–27

Sandra Cockfield
Management, Monash University
Arbitration, business strategy and labour management at Mort's Dock

Melissa Kerr
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
The importance of consent: Labour management practices at Australian Abrasives 1945–62
Stream 2 – Gender at Work
Diana Covell
History, The University of Sydney
Why women took on BHP: Gender bias and the Wollongong jobs for women campaign 1980–1994
Robyn Hanstock
Professional Development and Leadership, University of New England
Emerging from the silence: A history of women as adult educators in Australia
Margaret Ritchie
Childhood and Primary Studies, University of Strathclyde, UK
"It was a partnership, really. A partnership in the true sense of the word”: Working relationships and gender balance in Scottish fishing families

Stream 3 – Documentary Films
4:00–5:00 Stream 1 – Local and Regional Labour History
Frances Laneyrie
Management, University of Wollongong
Ray Markey
Employment Relations, School of Business, Auckland University of Technology, NZ
Exploring the role of 'Region' in working class organisation through film: The South Coast Labour Council (Australia)

John Shields & Bradon Ellem
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
Electoral politics and the broken hill labour movement, 1921–50

Stream 2 – Women Entrepreneurs
Joanne Scott
Arts and Social Sciences, University of the Sunshine Coast
Intersections of gender and class: Female employers and self-employed workers in interwar Queensland

Glenda Strachan
Centre for Work, Community and Leisure Research and Department of Management, Griffith Business School
Lindy Henderson
Newcastle Business School, University of Newcastle
Assumed but rarely documented: Women's entrepreneurial activities in late Nineteenth Century Australia
Stream 3 – Australia and the UK
Frank Cain
ADFA, University of New South Wales, Canberra
NSW Labor Governments at the hands of their hostile British governors

Keith Gildart
Humanities, Languages and the Social Sciences, University of Wolverhampton, UK
An Australian Socialist in England : Kim McKay, the British Left, and European Federalism, 1934–1960
7.00 onwards Beer, Wine, Food and Chaser Evening (Parliament House)

Postgraduate forum, welcome & presentations
Diana Covell
History, The University of Sydney
Women campaigning for jobs in steel in Canada and Australia: A comparative study
Kate Deverall
History, University of New South Wales
Sisterhood and solidarity: Annie Golding, Kate Dwyer and the NSW ALP
Danielle Thornton
History, University of Melbourne
"We were sick of being treated like animals”: Class, gender and activism in the Melbourne Tailoresses' Strike, 1882–83’

9:30–10:30 Stream 1 – The State
Damien Cahill
Political Economy, School of Economics and Political Science, The University of Sydney Rowan Cahill
Civilian responses to peace-time military occupation: The 1978 Bowral call-out and its implications for the 'War on Terrorism'
Chris F. Wright
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
Industry policy and industrial relations in the Australian automotive sector: Explaining the present through the past
Stream 2 – Culture in the Making
Sarah Gregson
Organisation and Management, University of New South Wales
Titanic memorials in Australia: The myth and the message
Rod Noble
Health, University of Newcastle
Class and tradition in singing together: From Europe to New South Wales
Stream 3 – More Rough Reds – Reflections on Communist Activism
10:30–11:00 MORNING TEA
Postgraduate forum, presentations
Robert Bollard
History, Victoria University
"The solidarity was misapplied”: The historiography of the Great Strike of 1917
Troy Sarina
Law, University of Sydney
The call for reform: Explanations for the introduction of non-union collective agreement making
Nathan Wise
History, University of New South Wales
Different worlds, different lives: Labour history approaches to histories of the military
Kylie Smith
School of History and Politics, University of Wollongong
Larrikins, labour and the law in Sydney from 1870 to 1900
Stream 1 – Labour Politics
Robert Corcoran
The Labor split revisited: Old memories and new evidence

Bob Gould
The longest 'Third Period' in history: How the Democratic Socialist perspective, one Socialist sect, has maintained 'Third Period' opposition to labourism without the direct pressure from Moscow that sustained the Communist Party's well-known 'Third Period' experience in the 1930s
Tony Harris
History, University of New South Wales
"A sort of brigadoon”? ALP politics and the Residents' Advisory Committee of the Glebe Estate during the time of federal government administration, 1974–1985
Shelton Stromquist
History, University of Iowa, USA
Making space: Municipal Socialists' challenge to elite rule in New Zealand, Australia and the United States, 1890–1920
Stream 2 – Trade Unions
Drew Cottle, Angela Keys & Kristie Martin
History, Politics and Philosophy, University of Western Sydney
The end of the line: An examination of the 1990 Victorian tram dispute
Marjorie Jerrard
Management, Monash University
Exporting animals, exporting jobs: Thirty years of campaigning against live export
Peter Love
Politics, Swinburne University of Technology
An invitation to a discussion of trade union and workplace culture
Ray Markey
Employment Relations, School of Business, Auckland University of Technology, NZ
White collar radicals: The NSW Public Service Association, 1899–1939
Stream 3 – More Rough Reds – Reflections on Communist Activism
1:00–2:00 LUNCH, BOOK LAUNCH (by Jack Mundey of Greg Mallory’s Unchartered Waters)
2:00–3:30 Stream 1 – Women Activists and Equal Pay
Lenore Coltheart
History Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
Jessie Street and the pursuit of equal pay
Rosemary Francis
Science and Technology Heritage Centre, University of Melbourne
Muriel's engagement: Muriel Heagney and the struggle for equal pay in Australia
Wendy Paterson
Ultimate ambition: Eileen Powell's contribution to equal pay activism in Australia, 1929 to 1969

Stream 2 – Work and Unionism in Building and Construction
John Elder
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
The 1979 Commission of Inquiry into self-employed contractors in the NSW Housing industry – was it the last hurrah??

David Kelly
Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, The University of Sydney
Industrial relations in a deregulated era: Re-appraising Nineteenth Century building unions
Liz Ross
Melbourne, Australia
Dare to struggle, dare to win! The 1986 deregistration of the BLF
Postgraduate forum
Publishing in Refereed Journals
Finding Employment