"The Past is Before Us."
National Labour History Conference 2005

Postgraduate Forum Saturday 2nd July Call for Papers

"The Past is Before Us" acknowledges labour history as a critical dialogue between the past and the present, seeking the sources of future social and political transformation in the struggles of past generations. This dialogue is a critical exchange, requiring a rigorous analysis of the past and the historian's practice, and the theme invites reconsideration of the theory and methodologies of labour history. Seeking to promote a more intense focus on working class experience and political mobilisation, the organisers welcome contributions which address the relationship between the categories of class, race and gender. The conference organisers intend that the theme should be interpreted in the widest possible sense, and call for papers which address either the transformative ambitions of labour history or other aspects of labour and social history.

The PhD forum is designed to encourage PhD students to meet with colleagues and academics and discuss the key issues in the research process. Further subjects for discussion include thesis topics, research issues and problems, publishing your thesis, and academic career planning. The sessions are designed to provide students with the ability to interact with experts in this field. Panel discussants include a number of journal editors, publishers, and academics. Participants registering for the PhD forum are also invited to nominate an area of interest for discussion. Organizers will attempt to incorporate all suggestions into the thesis workshop.

PhD Forum an Invitation to Contribute

PhD students are invited to submit papers for consideration in the PhD forum. PhD students are also encouraged to apply for the School of Business Labour History Conference Postgraduate Scholarships. These scholarships cover the cost of registration and the Conference Dinner.

How to Contribute

Papers submitted must reach us by 31st March 2005. Please send three hard copies and an electronic copy as a Word document or in rtf format, either emailed to us or posted on a floppy disk

Papers for submission must be no longer than 10 pages, including references, should be single spaced, and in a font no smaller than Times New Roman 12 point. There is no minimum length. References should be presented as endnotes in the format used in the journal, Labour History. You should also include a short abstract of no more than 100 words, and some biographical details for inclusion in the forum program.

Papers for submission should be forwarded to: g.patmore@econ.usyd.edu.au or Greg Patmore, Work and Organisational Studies, School of Business, University of Sydney, NSW. 2006.