Welcome to the National Labour History Conference eBulletins

#2 Tuesday 14 June

Hello everyone,

(1) Click here for details on the Some More Rough Reds section of the conference program.

(2) Paper Presentations. Paper presentations will be for 20 minutes. The rooms vary in the equipment so it will be assumed that you will be using overhead projectors unless there is a specific and essential requirement for Powerpoint. I have received only a small number of requests for powerpoint so far and these can be accomodated due to special requirements such as access to audio and the net. If it is absolutely essential to use powerpoint please contact me by the close of business on Friday (Sydney time). Otherwise we would appreciate it greatly if you can use overheads.

(3) Conference Bags and Satchels. If you are interested in putting material in the conference bags and satchels please contact asap and we will see if we can help. The deadline for the receipt of such material for conference bags/satchels is close of business on Friday 24 June.

Best wishes,

#1 Wednesday 1 June

A number of important issues:- 

(1) The conference program is up on the website - http://asslh.econ.usyd.edu.au/program.htm

(2) Registration. If you have not already registered or been awarded a conference scholarship, please register online here  It is easy and helps us know the numbers for planning the conference. You can also download the form. The registration desk for the conference will be in the Holme Building on Science Rd. at the University of Sydney.

(3) Paper givers. If you require more than an overhead projector for presentation, please contact Greg Patmore. Even if you have contact Greg before, please contact him again to reinforce your requirements for the day.
(4) Trivia Night. Hosted by the Sydney branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History. Quiz Master: Senator John Faulkner. Music! Prizes! Fun! Thursday 30th June from 6.30 pm at the Grandstand Bar, Upstairs, Arena Sports Centre, Corner Physics Rd – opposite No. 1 Oval, University of Sydney. Dinner $25 per person : Drinks available at the bar. For catering, bookings must be made by Friday 24th June, So don’t miss out! To register as an individual or as a team (limit of 10 per table). contact Sarah Gregson s.gregson@unsw.edu.au
(5) Maps. Useful maps of the University of Sydney Campus can be found here